Your Food Bank – How It Works and How It Helps!

Thank you Craig Bay! Your generosity after 3 weeks of our “Drive and Drop Donation” days has yielded 500 pounds of groceries and $25,000!

Linda Cherewyk, Manager “Extraordinaire”, explained how your donations end up in the hamper that go to the clients that have been interviewed and, based on family size, are allotted point with which to “shop” the isles. A family of 3 has 75 points. 5 points are added for each additional family member.

Clients make an appointment and shop, once a month, for a selection of nutritious food that will augment their shrinking food dollar. Linda mentions again that many are seniors who just do NOT have enough money to pay for both rent and food. A family using their points wisely, often leave with groceries over $300.

There are also “free” aisles, with many choices of dairy, meat & poultry, but with limits as to how many one may take.

  • Produce: all donations from local grocers are sorted and offered free.
  • Soup Kitchen: all large quantities are sorted and shelved for use at the soup kitchen
  • Pet Care: BOSLEY’S donates regularly and pets are treated well by volunteers
  • OUTSIDE: Take what you need table offers fruit, veggies & bread that are approaching the sell date. No points needed!



The building at 866 Wembley Road, houses not only the food bank, but also the offices and all management: Majors Sergii & Tatiana Kachanov, along with their business’ manager & volunteer coordinator. All of the staff & volunteers are overcome with gratitude everyday for the generosity of the local merchants and residents. Our 6 week drive, which ends Nov 19, overwhelms their hearts.


The SALVATION ARMY is in the business of helping – They have helped millions of people all over the world in times of crisis and they are really helping local residents  who are experiencing their own crisis due to hard times, hard luck and unfortunate circumstances.

Donation Drop Zone Days: