Shopping at Thrifty’s?

Please consider using a Thrifty’s Smile Card obtained from The Choristers. These are special fundraising cards specific to The Choristers which have no expiry, are re-loadable and the best part is that 5% of the amount you load to your card flows back to The Choristers.

Easy to use:

  • Just present your Smile Card to the Thrifty’s cashier and have them load it with a dollar amount of your choosing using your preferred method of payment such as credit or debit card.
  • You keep the Smile Card and use it to pay for your groceries each time you shop.
  • You can reload the same card over and over and each time you do, The Choristers benefit thanks to Thrifty’s program.

We are so grateful for the ongoing support of Thrifty’s, and indeed all of our sponsors, especially this year when we are feeling the pinch from the absence of concert ticket sales. You would be helping in a big way simply by loading and shopping with a Smile Card each time you visit Thrifty’s and…The Choristers thank you very much!

Smile Cards to benefit The Choristers can always be obtained from Carl Rathburn 250-248-9945.