Beach Club Helpful Hints!

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Tip #1:  PLEASE SHOWER before entering the pool or hot tub. Tip #2:  PLEASE TIE HAIR BACK to avoid yucky things floating in the pool and clogging the filters. Tip #3:  PLEASE CLOSE UMBRELLAS upon leaving the pool area - it helps keep them from breaking in the wind. A broken umbrella = a new one needs to be purchased! [...]

Pond Spraying

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NOTICE TO CRAIG BAY COMMUNITY  -  POND SPRAYING This is advising the residents of Craig Bay Estates that the annual herbicide spraying of the storm water detention ponds, throughout the community, will be taking place through a couple of days starting this week.  This involves the application of “Reward” herbicide (Diquat) as has been used in the past several years.  The intent is to control the invading aquatic vegetation.  The herbicide-treated water is [...]

Drainage Work in Seaside Village

By |2022-07-22T11:23:19-07:00July 22nd, 2022|Newsletter, Seaside Village|

The following information is an important update for Seaside Village residents and is for the information of the rest of Craig Bay: The drainage work along the rear of Craig Cod Drive has been rescheduled and is now expected to start September 6 instead of the last week of July. The delay is due to the higher than normal rainfall through the late spring and early summer which has caused increased  groundwater levels. Accordingly, [...]

Library Donations Reminder

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The library has been very busy lately as residents enjoy their summer reading outdoors in the sunshine.  It has also been the recipient of many, many donations as residents clean out their book shelves.  A kind thank you to those of you who have expanded our reading enjoyment with these donations. **However, we would like to remind you that as our library space is so restricted we are only able to accept books [...]

Happy Hour with Mozart

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HAPPY HOUR with MOZART - August 21, 2022 Beach Club Conservatory - FREE! We are absolutely LOVING Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. And who doesn't love Charlie Daniels? FEATURED WORK: Beethoven Op 30 #3: PLUS: Schubert Sonatina #2: Mozart KV 301: And..... (as promised last event) The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Craig Bay version: (Dave stars as the DEVIL!) Read more about Keith & Dave below... Please bring [...]

Summer Beach Club Guest Info

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Visiting the Beach Club All guests must sign the Guest Registry at the Beach Club reception desk upon entry. Guests must carry a green guest tag (provided by the sponsoring resident) at all times when visiting the Beach Club* and its amenities. Keyfobs for entrance to the building must be obtained from the sponsoring resident (the guest tag is NOT a keyfob). It is expected that all guests will be familiar with and [...]

Green Guest Tags

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Do you have the NEW GREEN GUEST TAGS? In May 2022, a new style of Guest Tag was introduced. Residents are asked to please pick up the new tags at the Beach Club office at their convenience.  Please continue to use the old version if you do not yet have your new ones. New Residents: if you receive the old version, please arrange to pick up the new ones. OLD VERSION [...]

CPR Training Opportunity

By |2022-06-28T11:20:06-07:00June 24th, 2022|Newsletter|

  REGISTRATION IS NOW FULL. Any additional names will be waitlisted. St John’s Ambulance will be at the Craig Bay Beach Club on Wednesday, July 13 @ 1:00PM for a CPR Level A with AED training session.   This course teaches participants how to manage an emergency scene, how to recognize a heart attack, how to use an AED, and how to respond when someone stops breathing. The CPR Level A training teaches adult [...]

2022 Charity Golf Classic Registration & Info

By |2022-06-24T12:42:44-07:00June 22nd, 2022|Newsletter|

2022 Charity Golf Classic - August 28th Fun times are back again, the 2022 Organizing Committee of the 6th annual CBCGC are pleased to announce the event will take place Sunday, August 28 at the Memorial Golf Course. The activity is open to all Craig Bay residents on a first come basis with a limit of 21 teams or 84 golfers. Enter as a team, a pair or as an individual. Details of [...]

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