Planning has begun for the first ‘refreshed’ edition of Tidelines – and we need YOUR help!

There is approximately 6 weeks until the next Tidelines comes out – in the first week of July. So with that, we want to hear from you!

We are already starting to plan for this first ‘refreshed’ edition of Tidelines – and need your contributions. We are looking for new ways to enrich this publication with things that are of interest to residents. This does take some planning.

So to help with planning, we have created a Tidelines Submission Planning Form where residents can let us know how they might be willing to contribute, either personally or on behalf of a club, committee, or group. The full content does not need to be submitted with this form – this is a tool to help start the process for inspiration and alert us to pending content ahead of time.

We are also encouraging nominations for a new “Volunteer Appreciation” section, as well as the current “Craig Bay Pets” feature. This planning form is also set up with a place to enter your nominations for both of these things.

How can YOU contribute?
The ‘refreshed’ Tidelines will ideally have regular features that highlight life at Craig Bay in these areas:

    What’s been happening in your club or event lately? Why do you all love to attend this club? What happened at the latest event(s)? We would love to see some photos!

    What’s new with the WMPG? Social Club? Beach Club? Ponds?
    This is a great place for a casual quarterly summary or FAQ to help residents keep up-to-date with the latest happenings or need-to-know info!

    Do you have a skill or interest that would be appropriate to share with the Craig Bay community? If you have a proposal for a feature article or series, we would love to hear from you. Ideally we would be looking for a one-page (or less) article that also includes a selection of illustrative photos. You don’t need to be pro writer – keep it simple! 

    Craig Bay runs on an enormous number of volunteers – and we want to highlight these valued residents on a regular basis in the Tidelines. So pick your favorite volunteer and submit your nomination! Ideally, we would like to highlight 2-4 volunteers per edition.

    We all love our pets! This is a fun feature that has made its return recently, by popular request. Pet owners can submit their pets to be featured – we will randomly select up to 3 pets per edition.

    Craig Bay is such a beautiful location – we love to receive and publish your photos! Going forward we are going to try a ‘refreshed’ approach to the beloved Tidelines photo gallery, to hopefully inspire more contributors to this section. Each edition will have a theme for your photo submissions – so for example, the theme for the upcoming July edition will be ‘SUNSHINE + SEASHELLS + SMILES’ – residents are encouraged to submit their photos, not just landscapes but anything interesting that they find – or even photos with faces!

Allison is here to put all the content together in an interesting, colourful, and cohesive publication – BUT we need residents to contribute that content to bring it to life! Tidelines is for YOU, the Craig Bay-er, and so please consider how you can participate in keeping Tidelines special and community-focused.

Click below to see the Submission Planning Form – deadline for all submissions is June 30th, but it is very helpful to start getting your ideas and content as soon as possible!

Or as always, you can contact Allison directly at or call 250-951-0149 during business hours.

Thank you!