Last summer the CLC undertook a project to install side railings on our 4 walking bridges to meet the building codes and provide a safe year-round passage for residents using the walking trails we all enjoy. This works well in the summer, however in winter we have an additional challenge. When Mother Nature dumps snow, it gets compacted to ice – making the surfaces slippery. Walkers are exposed to the danger of slips, falls and injury.

To mitigate the dangerous condition, shovels and environmentally friendly ice melt have been conveniently placed in a central site to eliminate the hazard.

Users of the path are requested to lend a helping hand to provide a safe trail for fellow walkers.

  • If you are an able-bodied individual and are walking across the bridges that have a snow covering, simply go to the Jockey Box, pull the latch and the lid will open.
  • Use one of the two shovels to scrape the loose snow that has accumulated on the walkway.
  • There may be a layer of ice underneath so take the small bucket of ice melt and spread a generous sprinkling on the ice or compacted snow. This will melt through to the concrete. The buildup can be easily removed leaving a bare surface once melting occurs .
  • The last picture of our first snowfall this year illustrates the result of one of our residents who took the time to “Help Out”.