Those simple  words do not seem to be enough for the outpouring of generosity from the residents of Craig Bay – at least that is what Fire Chief Marc Norris intoned at our Giveaway on Sunday morning. Major Norm Hamelin from The Salvation Army also spoke to the gratitude he feels for the help we are providing his organization.

What prompted those words and the rounds of applause from all those gathered were the numbers written on our Big Cheque:


So, while the gathering was small – our donation was anything but!  
Well done Craig Bay!


As with any event in Craig Bay, this was a team effort – huge thanks to the following:

Jane Peverett, Maureen Maitland, Sheila Durnin, Mariette Calvert, Darlene Mallen, Joyce Kristianson, Marion Woodward, Dwayne Peverett, Mike Durnin, Ross Rutherford, Sydney Tomchenko, Bill Webb, Reta Clark, Linda Cloutier and Allison Siemens.

Stay tuned for the full story in the December Tidelines!


Submitted with gratitude,

Penny Rutherford — Chair, Craig Bay Food Drive