With all the fires in BC lately, we all should have an emergency Grab & Go Bag in case of evacuation.

Do you know who your team captain is? Captains, please make sure all new neighbours know who you are and the way you will support them in
an emergency.

On the right is a list of Grab & Go Bag items you may need. Make your own or you can order one, although pricey, at GetMyKit.ca should you prefer.

Don’t forget to include copies of important documents in your bag. Have a kit for pets too.



Those who have had their bags ready for some time should check best before dates on food. You can update water packages etc., and get extra items from GetMyKit.ca (The water should be updated every 5 years)

Do not turn off gas unless instructed to do so. This can only be turned back on by BC Hydro.


Prepared by
Nancy Klinger