The following information is an important update for Seaside Village residents and is for the information of the rest of Craig Bay:

  • The drainage work along the rear of Craig Cod Drive has been rescheduled and is now expected to start September 6 instead of the last week of July.
    • The delay is due to the higher than normal rainfall through the late spring and early summer which has caused increased  groundwater levels. Accordingly, proceeding with this work next week will be more difficult for the contractor and result in a much larger ‘mud pit’ behind the homes on Cape Cod than necessary or desired.
    • Groundwater levels are usually lowest in September; delaying this work till then will allow the work to proceed more expeditiously  at that time with as small a disruption to residents as possible.

The correct list of addresses slated for drainage work is:  1369, 1371, 1375, 1377, 1381, 1383, 1387, 1389.                   

Attention Residents:

Baillie’s Plumbing and Drain has given Seaside Village Strata Council (SSV) and SSV Building Maintenance Committee (BMC) an update on the scheduled necessary drainage work in SSV.
The contractor said that work will commence as planned, the last week of July (July 25 – 29) but will let us know if they need to start a day or two prior to that date:

  • The major work that will impact residents will affect the rear of the following 8 addresses along Cape Cod Drive – 1367, 1371, 1375, 1377, 1383, 1385, 1387, and 1389.
  • Major work to correct long-standing drainage issues will be taking place behind 1383, 1385, 1387 Cape Cod, with possible minor work behind Cape Cod 1377 and 1389.
  • Power equipment (loaders, small earth movers etc..) will be excavating and moving many cubic yards of material back and forth from those addresses by accessing Galiano Drive on a route between the rear patios and forested areas of Cape Cod 1367, 1371, 1375 , and 1377.
  • There will be drainage sand, rocks, and earth etc.. piled on Galiano Drive during this time and dump trucks bringing in and removing material.
  • For safety reasons, it will be necessary to close Galiano Drive between Britannia Drive and Cape Cod Drive during the week for lengthy periods of time.  Gambier Place and Britannia Drive will remain accessible to residents. 
  • All the areas of grass that have been damaged or removed by this work will have sand placed and levelled and then be reseeded with grass.  

Residents are asked to keep clear of this construction zone while work is in progress.  The work is planned to be completed in the area of Cape Cod Drive by the end of the week of July 25 -29. 
After the work on Cape Cod Drive has been completed, minor drainage work will occur behind and along the side of 1698 and 1700 Brentwood Street.

Thank you.