2019 WMPG Year-in-Review

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The Spring session was dominated by 2 major projects. The first was the clearing of the Northwest Bay Pathway and the removal of all the deadfall to greatly reduce the fire hazard. This process had all hands on deck for 5 weeks. The second was the reclamation of the xeriscape pond system to return it to the original condition. This involved the removal of weeds, boulders and muck. For those who remember the putting [...]

WMPG Coffee Time Volunteer Sign Up

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SETUP AND BAKING VOLUNTEERS FOR WEDNESDAY MORNING PROJECT GROUP COFFEE TIME The Wednesday Morning Project Group (WMPG) of volunteers will begin their activity for the fall session on September 11th, so it's time to plan the fall schedule of baking volunteers. On September 11th, the Wednesday Morning Project Group (WMPG) will begin their fourteen week spring session.  For the benefit of our Craig Bay newcomers, an explanation of the activities and cost [...]