The Spring session was dominated by 2 major projects. The first was the clearing of the Northwest Bay Pathway and the removal of all the deadfall to greatly reduce the fire hazard. This process had all hands on deck for 5 weeks. The second was the reclamation of the xeriscape pond system to return it to the original condition. This involved the removal of weeds, boulders and muck. For those who remember the putting green, we also removed 97 golf balls! The whole project took another 5 weeks.

We had 2 unscheduled sessions in June to prepare for the excavation of the “Narrows” pond.

The Fall session found us back doing our regular maintenance in many areas of the community. This included weed whacking on common lands and paths, removal of invasive vegetation from our ponds and shores, repair and installation of fences and bender board. We had one team identifying our irrigation and potable water systems and one team involved in Beach Club maintenance. Each week, small jobs would appear, and we would get them done. We have one more team I would like to mention, and that is the team of outstanding bakers that made sure we were fed at the end of each session. Thank you, Ladies!

Every week, we averaged over 40 guys and put in 2375 man hours.

Just over 27 tonnes of plant matter (more commonly known as “crap”) were hauled away and taken to be composted. I’m told this is a new WMPG World Record.

The WMPG is proud to have saved Craig Bay Homeowners over $80,000.00 this year.

Please click on the link below to see the WMPG in action courtesy of Chris Chilton and Ross Rowe, our WMPG photographers.


Submitted by,

Mike Simpson

WMPG President