Complimentary Four Weeks of ESSENTRICS FITNESS Classes

Essentrics Fitness is a program designed especially to help improve flexibility, unlock tight joints, improve balance and posture, rebuild strength, and challenge the stiffness, pain and reduced mobility of arthritis.

Essentrics is a full body exercise routine that uses a dynamic combination of stretching and strengthening, done with a fluid flow similar to Tai Chi. It is equipment free and accompanied with a diverse music playlist.

FREE Trial Offers for either Beginner or Chair Assist Classes:

  • BEGINNER classes — FREE 4 week program, via ZOOM, in the safety and convenience of your own home.
    • DATES: Tuesday Dec 8; Thursday Dec 10; Tuesday Dec 15; Thursday Dec 17
    • DATES: Tuesday Jan 5 2021; Thursday Jan 7; Tuesday Jan 12; Thursday Jan 14
    • CLASS TIME: 9:30AM – 10:30AM (Pacific Standard Time)
  • CHAIR ASSIST classes — Free 4 week program via ZOOM. This specialty routine allows those with assorted mobility issues to benefit from an Essentrics routine seated in a chair, standing with chair assist or all standing.
    • DATES: Tuesday Dec 8; Thursday Dec 10; Tuesday Dec 15; Thursday Dec 17
    • DATES: Tuesday Jan 5 2021; Thursday Jan 7; Tuesday Jan 12; Thursday Jan 14
    • CLASS TIME: 10:45AM – 11:30AM (Pacific Standard Time)


To Sign Up for the Complimentary Class Sessions:

  • Send your e-mail address to the instructor, Judie Coulter:

  • Once added to Judie’s e-mail list, you will receive a ZOOM meeting invitation 1 hour prior to class time. This will give you plenty of time to get into your ZOOM class sessions and get sorted out well ahead of class.
  • All Classes are online via ZOOM but you do not need a ZOOM account. Simply download the “ZOOM app with meetings”. If you would like help with that, Judie Coulter, the instructor will e-mail you a link to a short video explaining this very simple, easy process. Any questions e-mail the instructor, Judie Coulter:

  • Additional sign up and on ongoing class participation details will follow after you try out the 4 weeks of complimentary classes. Scheduled classes will begin the week of January 19, 2021. These on going classes use a simple on line sign-in process and a punch card record (10 classes for $99). Moderate and advanced classes are also available for those who may want to grow and advance their routines


INSTRUCTOR — Judie Coulter (formerly Sanbrooks)

Fitness Instructor for 31 years

Essentrics Academy Certified

Certified BCRPA Instructor

Specialized/Certified in Seniors Fitness, Aqua Fitness, Resort Fitness

Judie skills as a fitness “partner”, her patience and her adaptability to the needs of her participants have been appreciated by many Craig Bay residents. For several years she has conducted well-attended, successful Fitness and Aqua Fit programs not only in the Craig Bay community but also throughout the Oceanside area.


“I lived with the pain and stiffness of Osteo Arthritis in my knees and back for much of the last 32 years. Part of the reason I became a fitness instructor almost 31 years ago, was in search of relief. I tried and taught a variety of approaches until 2 years ago when I found Essentrics. I’ve been pain free since then and my relief has been life changing.

 When I entered my 60’s I realized my body was changing, so were my fitness needs. And, more than ever, my body was resisting what I was asking of it. A client suggested I try Essentrics.

 I was shocked, happy, relieved and frankly, emotional. My knees stopped hurting and my back was singing in relief. I was a convert to Essentrics and I discovered the founder was a 73 year old Canadian woman. My own personal results sold me and I became an advocate. For the last two years I have studied, researched and taught the program and its routines.

 I have combined my Essentrics knowledge and personal experience with more than 30 years of practical fitness training. Essentrics has proven to work for me and I have been told by clients, it works magic. I look forward to sharing it with you, so you too can feel the relief and rediscover the energy the program can offer.

 If you have any questions or would like more information please send me an e-mail”

~ Sincerely, Judie Coulter

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