Greetings All Craig Bay Residents!

The Craig Bay Artists and Crafters of the Autumn Fair have decided to continue offering you our various items.  It has morphed from an Autumn Fair to a Christmas Fair and now into a Winter Fair, with the probable extension to a Spring Fair.  So, don’t be shy to spread the word. We have some amazing amazing and talented Artists and Crafters in our community!  YOU and YOUR FRIENDS can still shop in our safe Craig Bay Community.

A private Facebook group page has been set up to showcase the creations of our many multi-talented Artists and Crafters that you have come to enjoy over the years.  They have posted their creations (with pictures) online, for your shopping pleasure.

For everyone’s safety, this Facebook page has been set up EXCLUSIVELY for Craig Bay Sellers and Buyers.  It will not be available to anyone outside of our Craig Bay Community.

  • Be sure to hit the “Join Now” button on the Facebook page – this will alert the group admin to approve your request to join.
    • You should receive approval within hours of your request. 
    • If you use an alias or nickname on Facebook, or anything other than what is listed in our CB resident directory, please email the admin at to advise of who you are and the identity that they will see on Facebook when you request to join, if they do not appear the same.

    • Please do not share this link with any family or friends outside Craig Bay, as they will not be approved.
  • If you would like to purchase something, contact the seller by the phone number posted and arrange for pick up and payment.  (Payment will be by either cash, cheque or e-transfer).