UPDATE: Beach Club Facilities including Cottages

The Community Lands Committee (CLC) met by teleconference on May 21, 2020 for a conversation regarding the Pandemic and recommendations relevant to the use of the Beach Club facilities and cottages.

We wish to echo the sentiments and requirements expressed by our Provincial Authority, Dr. Bonnie Henry in that we need to act responsibly and with kindness while we pay attention to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We also wish to applaud the residents of Craig Bay in their efforts to comply with Provincial and Federal Regulations. Ours is a community of older citizens and because of the age alone we are at significant risk. Our belief is that for the foreseeable future, non-residents will not be permitted to use the facilities. With protection of our residents in mind, we offer the following recommendations.

1. In consideration of maintenance work that will soon begin on the Beach Club building: That the Beach Club Building and facilities be closed at least until maintenance work is completed, approximately August 1st, 2020. Such a move would also facilitate the maintenance companies’ compliance with WorkSafe BC requirements.

2. That the Beach Club Office remain closed and that the Coordinator continue to work from home.

3. That special events and bookings scheduled through at least to the end of August be cancelled, including cottage rentals.

4. In the event that the CLC receives a written request, which must include a Compliance Plan as required by Provincial Authorities, some activities may take place such as use of the tennis court.

The Community Lands Committee also wishes to emphasize the need for the fullest of due diligence by users for all aspects of their activities including posting of the plan and enforcement of their plan. Enforcement is the user group’s responsibility.