Shopping at Thrifty Foods? 
Support the Choristers with a Smile Card!

It’s SIMPLE. The Choristers, as a non-profit organization, are eligible to purchase Smile Cards in bulk, from Thrifty Foods. When we sell these cards at their face value, a small portion of that amount is returned by Thrifty to the Choristers. It is a valuable fundraiser for the choir at no extra cost to the shopper.

HOW. Pre-order your SMILE Card(s) from us with a stored value you choose e.g. $25. $50, $100, $200 or $500. Use the card(s) at Thrifty Foods as an alternative to cash, debit or credit cards until the value is used up. There are NO extra fees or discounts taken by the store… this is a community support program they offer to groups like the Choristers.  

EASY. Email your order to to let us know how many Smile Card(s) you would like and in what denomination(s). Order more cards as often as you choose. This is an ongoing program for us!

NO UPFRONT PAYMENT. We’ll let you know when we have your card(s) and you can pay for them by cash, cheque or e-transfer to when we deliver the cards to you. When the card is used up, contact us to order additional cards… we’d love to replenish your supply. These cards cannot be reloaded at the store in support of the choir.

LOTS OF USES. Use your SMILE card at THRIFTY FOODS for your purchases at the store. Buy extra cards as gifts or a “Thank You” or as donations to good causes. Thrifty Foods accept Smile Cards for almost any purchase. The only exceptions are other gift cards, tobacco and vape products.

THANK YOU. The Choristers’ fundraising efforts help offset the costs of the sheet music we purchase, the stipend of our Director and Accompanist, rental and promotional costs related to our concerts, and other related operational costs. And for nearly fifteen years we have supported Oceanside Hospice Society with donations from our concert ticket sales.

We, the Craig Bay Choristers, thank you (our friends and neighbours) for supporting us!