To all Seaside Village Residents:

We would like to inform all residents about the system that is in place to handle Building Maintenance issues that arise, so that we can avoid having direct email and phone requests going to committee members. As you can imagine, receiving a deluge of phone calls and emails to personal contact points becomes overwhelming for individuals very quickly.  We do not usually respond to direct emails, as there are 229 homes in our strata and this is not the system we have set up for this to operate effectively. We are unpaid volunteers and not an employee of the Strata.

There is an established system in place to address the variety of Building Maintenance issues:

  • You need to fill out a BMR Form found on the Craig Bay website ( under Strata Living >> Strata Forms >> Seaside Village: Building Maintenance Request Form 
  • There are also several direct links** where you can access the form – pick one and save it in your browser for easy future reference:
  • All non-emergency building maintenance requests are required to be filed in this manner. 
  • When the information on the Building Maintenance Request form is filled out and submitted, it is immediately sent to the BMC member who assigns the BMR to the BMC member responsible for your area to investigate.

**Please note that you must sign in to the website in order to access the form. If you require assistance with this or other technical issues, please contact Allison at for help.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to keep this system running effectively.

Phil Howell, BMC Chair