Another busy week for the pool people with only 1 week remaining before the ‘official’ opening. The supplier of our 3 large pool heaters, Eco King, had their tech rep do an on-sight inspection and tutorial today and all the heating units were given the OK!  The evening picture of the hot tub showcases the new lighting system that is also shared with the pool. Both the hot tub and the pool shed have been brought up to the new code specifications. Finishing the few last details should allow VIHA to certify that our pool/hot tub are OK to open.

Pool and Hot Tub Repair Update April 22, 2022

Hot Tub:  so far –

  • Approx 12” of the hot tubs concrete apron edge was jack hammered away and removed
  • A hydro-vac was used to remove the packing sand exposing the piping
  • As expected, several cracks in the piping were spotted
  • 2 new water lines were drilled for and installed into the hot-tub shed
  • A 4’ section of a boxwood hedge was temporarily removed for easier access and is now ready to be replanted
  • Upon further inspection, the ‘old’ tub grouted tiles were found to be suspect and had to be removed.
  • The air/water lines plus the deck drain have been replaced
  • The new jets have been installed and the tub was tested for leaks
  • The packing sand that was removed earlier was replaced
  • Grounding wires have been correctly installed
  • A new concrete apron was poured with new brass railing sleeves.
  • The hot tub’s tile is in and grouted
  • The tent has been removed
  • New underwater light has been installed
  • A 2nd flow meter was installed in the shed as per the new code requirements
  • The hot tub shed plumbing’s has been improved for better efficiency
  • Hot tub deck area has been cleared of construction debris

Next Steps:

  • VIHA onsite inspection, approval and sign off on the hot tub data sheet




The Pool: – So far-

  • The pool base is cement with 2 layers of Marcite….1 layer of Marcite is the original and the 2nd layer is from a repair approx. 10+ years ago.
  • the top 2 layers of Marcite have been painstakingly removed and 1-800-got-junk picked up their 4th load of debris
  • Large industrial propane heaters were used in the tent warming/drying the base to ready it for tiling and grouting
  • The 2 large propane tanks up from the Beachcomber were moved to the pool deck to help fuel the tent heaters
  • The pool base was covered with a crack proof/leak proof surface, making it tile ready
  • All 3 of the lane markers are in with 100% of the tile installed and grout
  • New underwater lights have been installed

Next Steps:

  • Finish the update of the pool shed plumbing to the meet the revised code requirements
  • Repair the broken selector handle fitting on the sand filter
  • Re-fill the pool with water by this week’s end
  • VIHA onsite inspection, approval and sign off on the pool data sheet
  • Clean up the pool deck area
  • Install a fob activated system on the large pool gate prior to the May 1 opening


Time lines:

So far, we are still on-track for the first week of May 2022 pool opening BUT please keep in mind,  VIHA has to give their final ‘approval’ before we can open the pools.

Also, as this is an active construction site with dangerous equipment, for your own safety, please stay away from the area.



 Larry Wade, Deb Proby, Bob Allaby, Bill Harvey

Maintenance Group/Beach Club Sub Committee