The library has been very busy lately as residents enjoy their summer reading outdoors in the sunshine.  It has also been the recipient of many, many donations as residents clean out their book shelves.  A kind thank you to those of you who have expanded our reading enjoyment with these donations.

**However, we would like to remind you that as our library space is so restricted we are only able to accept books in good condition published between 2013 and our current calendar year.**    

This is a ten-year time span that changes every year as years move forward.
This appears to be the only way that is fair to all authors due to the restricted shelf space.

  • If your books are published before the above dates and you don’t know where to take them, the Nanoose library accepts all books in good condition for their book sales. (The Nanoose Library is the little log cabin located on Northwest Bay Road just this side of the school and Red Gap shopping centre.)
  • There are also other book sales in Parksville and Nanaimo who accept all books, not just those published in the past 10 years.  

The Craig Bay librarians are busy keeping our library in good order and as much as we feel privileged to have you add to our book supply, please do not expect the librarians to get rid of your old books.

Thanks once again, 

The Craig Bay Librarians