As most of you may already know, we will be saying good-bye to Carol Rae after 13 years of service at Craig Bay.  Carol has managed the Beach Club maintenance, janitorial, pool & hot tub, cottage cleaning service, and a thousand more details that have kept the Beach Club running smoothly for the last decade+. Most residents know her for her genuine smile, caring attitude, and daily, hands-on presence at Craig Bay. Thank you, Carol!

On October 7th, Craig Bay said farewell to Carol with a warm presentation of appreciation for her long-time service maintaining the Beach Club. There were a few tears, and lots of applause!

Mariette Calvert presented Carol with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on behalf of the Beach Club Subcommittee, “Carol has worked tirelessly and made lots of friends, and she has a positive attitude and a smiling face – and even her eyes are smiling!  We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us and wish you all the best with your next endeavours.”

Sheila Greenberg attended on behalf of the Social Committee to present a gift to Carol: “You’re a gem, and we sure are going to miss you….”

Maggie Schulz then presented, “I am here to represent a number of members from the Community Lands Committee, who wanted to do something for you so you can indulge yourself at the spa…..or anything at Tigh Na Mara you can spend this gift card on!”

Mariette pointed out that appreciation has been extended from the whole community of Craig Bay residents with the table full of cards and gifts that have been left for her, since everyone could not be present due to the current restrictions. 

Carol responded with, “Thank you so much! Thank you all for coming….. it’s a lot of fuss, but I sure appreciate it. I’m going to miss you all….you know, I have four kids in Parksville so I’m not going anywhere….. hopefully I’ll run into you all and have enough time to talk to you now and have some good conversation….”

Allison, Beach Club Coordinator, then closed with a few words: “Carol has clearly done a great job over her several years here, but she is valued for being more than just the position she was hired for….her kind, generous personality, her always going above and beyond without giving it second thought…..for caring genuinely for the residents of Craig Bay and investing in them and me….that is the legacy she will be known for. Anyone can do the work…and it’s not always necessary or important for someone in her position to have these qualities, but how wonderful that we have been blessed by her in this way.”