Pickleball Recommendations and Decision

Pickleball has come to Craig Bay and has been enthusiastically welcomed by many residents looking for an active outdoor pursuit that is easy to learn and fun to play. However, it has come not without concerns about the noise that emanates from the court to the distraction of nearby residents. 

When pickleball was introduced to Craig Bay, it was meant to be a trial period that would be reviewed. One court would be taped in place and a limited time for pickleball would be tried. Covid 19 changed that as the tennis court was shut down until the Provincial Health Orders allowed courts to be reopened with Covid plans in place. Pickleball gained momentum as permanent lines were painted on the court after taped lines failed. There was no discussion of a trial period.

Communities throughout the province and further afield have built in contingencies when placing pickleball courts in their communities in order to address noise complaints. These include applying appropriate distances between the courts and nearby residences and looking at sound mitigation solutions such as softer balls.

The CLC has made a decision to allow pickleball to be played and has adopted a schedule on a trial basis, from May through September, that would allow nearby residents breaks in the day from the noise coming from the pickleball courts. These times of day will coincide with other activities that contribute to noise such as the family swim times in the pool.

It should be noted that tennis play is also impacted by the schedule limiting pickleball to specific times of the day. The schedule gives first priority booking to pickleball players during the scheduled pickleball times. Bookings are made through the Craig Bay website under the heading “Beach Club” and can be made one week in advance. However, on the day of play, should pickleball not be booked on their allotted time, tennis players may book the court.

It is hoped that this schedule will bring a solution to a shared use of the court and some peace to the nearby residents. The trial will be revisited at the end of September with a hope that residents in Craig Bay can continue to share the court between pickleball players and tennis players.


Tom Milne (Chair, CLC)      Bill Harvey (Chair, BCsC)

** Please note this schedule will be reflected in the court booking system as of May 1st. 

All tennis and pickleball users should refer to the applicable links to register and reserve court times