Craig Bay Singles
Sunday, February 9th

Hi to all. The plan for our next meeting was to be a games night, but it just so happens that it is also the Academy Awards night too. This year will be more casual however, without the running lights, but for any Singles who would like to watch the Academy Awards together, we will begin at  3:30 with the Red Carpet and then the Awards start at 5:30pm.
Mo and Carolyn will host this event, and since it will be over the dinner hour pizza is the choice of food. If you plan to be there and would enjoy having pizza please contact Mo Walkinshaw at 
The cost per person is $5.00. Please contact Mo if you are planning to enjoy the pizza. If you do not wish to eat pizza and still want to have company to watch the awards then please bring your own foodstuffs and all bring the beverage of your choice.

Any questions please contact Mary at  Thanks so much.