Viking Tree Service is expected on site on Wednesday, July 27th, to remove some trees (two dead and one encroaching on a driveway).

Essential Trimming of Shrubs
Over the years the plants and shrubs in Arbutus Grove have over matured and are becoming a maintenance concern.  The original developer planted shrubs that would grow quickly and show well without giving enough thought into how close they were planted to the house or to the size to which they would eventually grow. 

Our landscaping company, ILS, will be trimming all plantings away from homes to maintain enough space between the homes and the trees, shrubs and plants for a person to walk – two to three feet.  They will also be trimming back shrubs in gardens, which are blocking irrigation heads.

Recently, several homes in Arbutus Grove have been affected by severe infestations of termites and/or carpenter ants which are resulting in some very high-cost repairs to the structure of the homes.  The Strata is responsible for the cost of these repairs which can be a strain on our budget.  Plants and shrubs which are too close or are touching the house are a main mode of entry for insects, squirrels, rats and mice.

Painting of Homes
It is anticipated that painting of the exterior of homes will start in August.  The painters must have easy access to all wood siding, another reason growth needs to be trimmed. 

Over the past few years we have been steadily removing the aged-out cedar trees that provide access for pests to the attics, are clogging perimeter drains and have been identified by the fire marshal as a high fire risk around our homes.   This work will steadily continue and if you would like to have your cedars removed sooner rather than later, please notify the Landscaping Committee.

Gardens Around Homes
Through the years many of the shrubs have grown to become “leggy” and in many cases to block windows.  Some owners have already started to refresh their curb appeal by asking to have old shrubs removed.  They are replanting with young and appropriate shrubs and as a result, their homes are looking refreshed and renewed.  As their gardens are opened up, owners can choose the replacement shrubs from the approved plan list and the Strata offers up to $140 toward the costs of the new plants.

We ask that you remember that the gardens around our homes are the responsibility of the Strata to maintain.  Whenever possible the preferences of the owners are supported, but if it is considered necessary to the wellbeing of our structures, the Strata has the obligation to make decisions to protect them from damage by altering plantings.