I am so very glad that Ross and I chose to purchase a home here in beautiful Craig Bay. We enjoy the nature that surrounds us, the friendship we share with our neighbours and the many events that bring us together.  The kind of life we lead is all about the choices we have made along the way. Choices about one’s education, job, partners, moving/not moving, travelling/not travelling to the simple choices of what to have for dinner each day. To enjoy the Craig Bay Lifestyle, I think it is fair to say that we have made many right choices.  That is not the case for many in our greater Oceanside Community, those who have made poor choices, experienced  bad timing or just plain bad luck and find themselves struggling to make ends meet – struggling even to put any food on their table.

The Parksville Volunteer Fire Department chose this time of the year to organize a community Food Drive to support the amazing work done by The Salvation Army. Craig Bay residents made the choice to help the PVFD in their endeavours by organizing a “one stop pick up”. The donations our residents have chosen to give go a very long way in helping those who give that “hand up” to those who are struggling with the choices of everyday life.

Many thanks to those who have chosen to support our fundraiser with cash and groceries. We are on track to reach our goal of $13,500 with $12,620 already in the envelope!  If you are heading up to the clubhouse with your donation, please make your cheque out to The Salvation Army and you will receive a tax receipt.

Our sorting/weighing team, Joan and Angela, are thrilled with the food donations so far – we have 1442 pounds.  If you need some ideas about what to donate, see below for some top needed items.

Your Food Drive Team, Major Norm Hamelin and the PVFD all look forward to seeing many of you at our giveaway on Sunday November 17 at 9:45 am. 

Giving is a great choice – whether it is money, food or our time – the benefits are life changing!

Respectfully submitted by:

Penny Rutherford
Chair for Craig Bay Food Drive


Food Items Needed at the Food Bank:

Baby food
Jams, honey
Coffee and tea, juices, individual hot chocolate
Chili, canned meats
Brown sugar
Pancake mix
Canned vegetables (no corn please)
Foil, saran, paper towels toilet paper
Small mustards and ketchups, relish and pickles

No more pasta or Pasta Sauce or Canned Fish is needed at this time.