Beach Club subCommittee –
Call for new Members

As a resident of Craig Bay, you are no doubt very aware of the significance of the Beach Club to our community. The Beach Club is one of the first things that is noticed when visitors and potential owners drive into Craig Bay. Whether you use the amenities of the Beach Club on a regular basis or only occasionally, it is literally the hub of Craig Bay. Furthermore, there is no denying that the Beach Club is a huge financial asset to all homeowners and consequently the maintenance of the Beach Club and its amenities are paramount to maintaining the attractiveness and value of Craig Bay as a whole.

Looking ahead to 2020 the BCsC, a subcommittee of the CLC, is putting out a call for additional members. The Beach Club is now more than twenty years old and as it ages and more issues and projects come to light, it is vital that all Stratas have a Representative and at least one Alternate on the subCommittee.

In brief, the role of the BCsC is to monitor the physical condition of the Beach Club building and its associated amenities (the pool and surrounding area, the hot tub, the tennis court, the guest cottages and surrounding common property, excluding landscaping issues) and when necessary, analyse options and arrange for completion of all replacements, refurbishments and/or repairs as approved by the CLC. As well, the BCsC provides input and assistance to the CLC with respect to development of policy and rules and regulations related to the use of the Beach Club and its amenities.

Reporting to the BCsC is the Beach Club Maintenance Working Group which, when called upon by the BCsC, investigates the need for repair to the Beach Club and its associated amenities and if necessary prepares work orders for quotes.

The BCsC is made up of one representative,plus a minimum of one alternate, from each strata, with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer being selected by the BCsC members. Meetings are held in the Beachcomber on the 3rd Friday of each month at 9:30am. Alternates are encouraged to attend all meetings when possible and as well, encouraged to provide input on various issues and become involved in projects as they arise. Voting is by simple majority with one vote per strata.

The following vacancies need to be filled for 2020:

Arbutus Grove: Alternate(s)

Meadow Beach: Alternate(s)

Onyx: Alternate(s)

Seaside Village: Rep and Alternate(s)

Shorehaven: Alternate(s)

As mentioned previously, we encourage each Strata to have several Alternates on the BCsC.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BCsC please contact a member of your Strata.