Once again, Wally and Alison Chinn will be offering one of their travelogue photo presentations to Craig Bay residents, this time featuring a tiny island in the southern ocean, South Georgia Island.  Here, the Antarctic spring is the setting for an intensive wildlife extravaganza.  King penguins, fur seals and southern elephant seals gather in the hundreds of thousands for their annual birthing and mating assemblies.


Sign-up sheets are available at the Beach Club Office in the

(located on the small table beside the counter)

Sign-up for the October 18th presentation is almost full but there are still lots of spaces available for the November 22nd event.
(When you sign up, please put only one name per line, even if you are a couple!)

Note: If you’ve signed-up for either event and find later that you are unable to attend, please strike your name from the sign-up sheets so others may be able to take your place.

Two separate presentations will be offered: the first will be on Friday, October 18th, beginning at 6:30 pm in the Beach Club Conservatory.  The second will take place on Friday, November 22nd, again in the Conservatory at 6:30 pm.  Both presentations will be offered in conjunction with the usual regular Friday TGIFs.

As seating for each event will be limited to 60 attendees, sign-up sheets will be available at the Beach Club Coordinator’s Office starting Friday, October 4th.  When you sign up, please remember … only one name per line, please, even if you are a couple!

Wally and Alison look forward to seeing you there!