NOVEMBER 17, 2019

November 17! Only 2 short months till our Parksville Volunteer Fire Department takes their trucks to the streets of Parksville, picking up donations of food and cash to support The Salvation Army. The donations from that day go a LONG way in helping families in our community – those who need a helping hand, those who are struggling to make ends meet or those who need that one good meal.

When our fearless fireman come knocking in Craig Bay – it is NOT to individual doors  – but to our Clubhouse entrance on Cape Cod, where they will find the many food and cash donations that we have been collecting for 2 months! Major Norm Hamelin will be on hand along with top representatives from the Fire Department.  Our donations stay in Parksville and will help the many people who are in need.

Here’s a big number for you – generous residents of Craig Bay!

Food donations over that last 4 years:          10,000 pounds

Cash donations over the last 4 years:          $36,265.00

So, yes, we are doing it again – it is just feels so good to be generous, to know that we are really helping, to know that our donations stay in our community and to have that feeling of “Paying it Forward”!

The donation box will be set up in the office foyer very soon. Please take a look at the great poster designed by Bill Webb and with help from YOU, the red thermometer will rise.

Snowbirds:  Please – if you are escaping the rain early this year, please consider leaving something behind in the box.

Cash donations: Please make your cheque payable to The Salvation Army. All donations over $10 will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Allison will be keeping all donations in the office safe.

Look at your upcoming Friday emails to learn more about how much we are helping those in our community through our donations to Salvation Army.


Submitted by Penny Rutherford

Fall Food Drive Committee