Happy Hour with Mozart – Sunday October 6th at 4pm – Free

The tentative line-up for our season finale includes the stunning Beethoven Op. 12, #1, the energetic and melodic Mozart KV 378, perhaps the Brahms Scherzo (a somewhat unusual piece that really earns the “scherzo” title), and a Wagner surprise. All played imperfectly, but with gusto. 🙂

Join Dave and Keith for the last concert of the season. Sign up at the Beach Club. And bring anything you want to drink.


PLEASE, please, please – we had a terrific group last time – BUT – 36 people who signed up simply did not show up, nor did they scratch their names off the list. That meant prior to the concert Keith and Dave set up 36 extra places, empty places that could have been used by people on the waiting list. We love to see you, we absolutely LOVE playing the music, but setting up seating, then playing to empty tables …. not so much.