The Wednesday Morning Project Group (WMPG) of volunteers will begin their activity for the fall session on September 11th, so it’s time to plan the fall schedule of baking volunteers.

For those new to our community, some examples of work that WMPG carried out during the thirteen weeks of their spring session follows. They undertook two huge tasks of clearing out truckloads of underbrush from along the paths and doing most of the work in cleaning and restoring the pool and fountain in the xeriscape garden, in addition to their usual weed whacking, cleaning out pond weeds and other work that saves us tens of thousands of dollars annually. Around 40 to 50 (and sometimes more) men and women work for around two hours each Wednesday morning before adjourning for coffee break. In view of their major contributions to our community, it seems reasonable to have coffee and baked treats ready when they are done for the day, which is what the baking and setup/cleanup volunteers do.

The schedule for for 2019 is attached. It includes the names of volunteers for the spring session (thanks for your contributions!) and the fall schedule that indicates where people are needed, which includes bakers only and those who can set up and clean up as well as bake. We are asking residents (men as well as women bakers or people who prefer to buy baking) to volunteer to set up the coffee and baking around 10:00AM and then clear up around 11:45 – 12:00. There are detailed instructions, posted in the Beachcomber, for set up and making coffee. Volunteers also receive a copy when their baking date is confirmed.

If you can predict your whereabouts from September 11 to December, it would be helpful to forward several possible dates to Lillian Bramwell at She will arrange the schedule, pairing new volunteers with experienced people, confirm dates with volunteers and will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. You will note that each date has spots for two bakers to do setup and cleanup as well as a “bake only”. If you can bake but not do setup and cleanup, just indicate this in your email.

On behalf of WMPG, thank you to the residents who have graciously provided baking for coffee time. We look forward to welcoming new volunteers for the fall.