Did you know that the Guest Cottages were originally given names after they were built?

The cottages are now often referred to simply as A, B, C, or D—but the original names were a spin-off of the alphabet designations with a bit more character: Alder, Birch, Cedar and Dogwood.

The Beach Club Committee is currently interested in re-creating this concept, and would like the help of our artistic Craig Bay residents to bring these inspired cottage names back to life!

We would like to have small, attractive signage made of the names to place on the cottage doors. Wood would be a preferable medium for longer lifetime, but other applications that match the Craig Bay ‘look’ could also be considered. We are hoping a Craig Bay carving artist might take up the challenge to assist with this, but at this time we would like to  hear from those who are interested and find out what your creative ideas might look like.

Please contact Heidi Bunting at hbuntingdance@shaw.ca with a note of interest and a short description of what you would be interested in creating, along with a sample of a previous or similar work if possible. 

The Beach Club Committee will respond by September 1st after reviewing all submissions.