Because the Summer holidays are upon us and folks are busy either travelling,  hosting guests or just chillin’ out, the August issue of the Craig Bay Travellers newsletter will simply be a mix of short anecdotes, “vignettes”. No pressure! Keep your travel tales as short as you like, and share an experience, whether funny, awe-inspiring or even scary. Anything goes. (Well, almost.) The deadline for the August issue is JULY 22nd.

Looking ahead, the September issue will be all about canyons. Yes, those great gouges in the earth’s surface that create such memorable scenery. Have you been to Ontario’s Agawa Canyon, Arizona’s Antelope Canyon or Namibia’s Fish River Canyon? Perhaps you’ve been to Peru’s Colca Canyon or Arizona’s other little attraction, the aptly named Grand Canyon? If so, then please share your memories and lasting impressions with your Craig Bay friends. Deadline for the September issue is AUGUST 23rd.

Send your articles, photos, ideas and comments to cbtravellers@hotmail.com

Mandy Trickett