Craig Bay Beatles Experience 2019

For a few hours on the evening of June 20th we were “Back in the U.S.S.R.” living in a “Yellow Submarine”.

Over 200 people came together to hear four lads from Argentina, members of the multi-award winning Beatles tribute band, Beatles Experience, play songs from the early years to the closing years of the Beatles. As musicians, these lads rocked.

We settled into our lawn chairs under lightly overcast skies, poured ourselves a glass of wine, munched on whatever goodies we brought then waited to be taken down memory lane. Once the music started we moved, we sang along, and we loudly showed our appreciation. People danced on the grass, people danced in their chairs.

At the end of the evening the band was presented by a poster created by Stan Wilkes, commemorating their visit to Craig Bay.

Hats off to Ian Lamoureux for bringing the Beatles Experience to Craig Bay. I overheard someone in the audience say, “when are they coming back?”

Submitted by Cheryl DeWolf 
Photos submitted by Wally Chinn & Linda Smith